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Free ABN plus free first BAS lodgement.
The ATO has ruled that Uber driver partners must collect and pay GST on all rides.
This means you need to get an ABN and be registered for GST and also lodge a BAS on a regular basis, generally quarterly.
Don't stress though, we've got you covered!
Get free ABN/GST registration
1. Sign up to Airtax
2. Complete online form via the account setup
3. We'll typically lodge within 3 business days
4. Receive an email confirmation with your ABN
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Bonus: Get first BAS lodgement for free
Simply connect your Uber driver partner account from your Airtax dashboard after signing up to receive $49 of Airtax credit.
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Using Airtax has totally changes the way I manage my quarterly ABN. The Uber integration is the cherry on the cake.

Abi, Uber driver

  • All Lodgements are processed by a PwC specialist
  • Get live-chat support with an tax specialist
  • Integrate Uber with Airtax for faster lodgement
  • We're backed by PwC - one of the world's largest professional services firm
  • We have over 10,000 customers
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